1:05 PM, 10 Nov 2019

The Apprentice Employment Network's WIN-WIN Group Training system is designed to deliver successful outcomes for both employers and apprentices. The system focuses on de-risking apprenticeships for employers, with the ultimate goal of creating more apprenticeship opportunities across Queensland and the Northern Territory. Here's a quick introduction on the campaign!



We understand that employing an apprentice can have risks

There are risks to consider when employing apprentices – and we know that this can be a strong deterrent for employers considering taking on an apprentice or trainee. Many employers fear the impact of choosing the wrong apprentice and also the complexities around training and compliance. Plus, in an uncertain economic environment, employers need to have the flexibility to control changing labour requirements.

So we designed a system that takes the risk out of hiring an apprentice or trainee.

The WIN-WIN Group Training System is about de-risking apprenticeships. It achieves this in 3 key ways:

  • De-risk choosing the right apprentice
  • De-risk the complexity of apprenticeship
  • De-risk your business decisions

Successful outcomes for employers & apprentices

Research shows that an apprentice is most likely to successfully complete their apprenticeship or traineeship using the WIN-WIN Group Training System. In a time of falling apprentice numbers and a looming skills shortage, creating successful apprenticeship outcomes has never been more important.